# Project Year City Client / Institution Discipline Type
067 Resolution Center 2018 Berlin Delivery Hero Product design App
066 Return to Zion at Becoming, Spanish Pavilion 2018 Venice La Bienale de Venezia Architecture Exhibition
065 Tools for Show 2018 Berlin / New York NEW INC Product design App
064 Oblique Strategies 2018 Berlin Monoloco Inc Product design App
063 InstructMe 2018 Berlin Monoloco Inc Product design App
062 2018 Berlin AMAE Asociación de Mujeres Arquitectas de España Product design Web
061 Garofalo Fellowship Shortlisted Candidates Lecture 2018 Chicago UIC University of Chicago Architecture Research
060 Interaction design concept for Living with Water: Slovenian Pavilion at La Bienale de Venezia 2018 New York Some Place Architecture Installation
059 2018 New York Some Place Product design Web
058 2018 New York Some Place Product design Web
057 2017 Madrid COAM Product design Web
056 Critical Distance: Interfaces Lecture 2017 Lisboa Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa Architecture Research
055 Talmud City — upcoming 2017 London Cuarto Magazine Architecture Graphics
054 Common Cities 2017 Seoul Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism Architecture Exhibition
053 Boxing the Holocaust: The Eichmann Trial in Jerusalem 2017 London Bartlett's LOBBY Magazine Architecture Research
052 Pool House 2017 Herrera del Duque Private Architecture Residential
051 Return to Zion: Talmud 2017 Jerusalem ETSA-Madrid Architecture Research
050 The Theaters of Culture: Ephemeral Projects for the Eternal City 2017 Rome MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts Architecture Exhibition
049 Meraviglioso Urbano 2017 Rome MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts Architecture Book
048 Return to Zion: Gefilte Fish 2017 Madrid ETSA-Madrid Architecture Research
047 CO Exhibition 2017 Madrid COCA Congress in Architectural Communication Architecture Exhibition
046 Communication Agency Portfolio 2017 Madrid Ariadna Cantis Comunicación  UX Website
045 Two Accesibility Reports 2017 Madrid Private Architecture Residential
044 Transparent: An Augmented Reality Publication 2017 Madrid 255 Magazine UX Video
043 Life Calendar 2016 Madrid Leon11 Graphic design Graphics
042 Memorias de la Shoah by A. Hershkovitz 2016 Madrid Private Graphic design Book
041 Memorias de la Shoah by A. Hershkovitz 2016 Madrid Private Language Translation
040 Goethe en Dachau by N. Rost 2016 Madrid Editorial Contraescritura Language Translation
039 SMLXL Festival 2016 Madrid Hybrid Festival Architecture Exhibition
038 Pop Up Architecture Fair 2016 Madrid COAM Architectural College of Madrid Architecture Exhibition
037 SMLXL Festival 2016 Madrid Leon11 Architecture Exhibition
036 lllustrator Portfolio 2016 Madrid Miguel Fernández Ilustración UX Website
035 Architect Portfolio 2016 Madrid Lys Villalba UX Website
034 Visualization Studio Portfolio 2016 Madrid Poliedro Estudio UX Website
033 Find me a home App 2016 Skopje EU European Youth Award Platform UX Mobile app
032 Health App Interface 2016 Madrid Smart Eyes Protector UX UI/UX
031 Blood Donation App Interface 2016 Skopje Moja UX UX
030 AI-Risk Landing Page 2016 Madrid CFAR Alumni UX Website
029 Dental Clinic Branding 2016 Madrid Private Graphic design Graphics
028 House Extension 2015 Fuenlabrada
de los
Private Architecture Residential
027 Patio Apartment 2015 Herrera
Private Architecture Residential
026 The Form of Jerusalem: Fragmentation, Distortion, Breakage 2015 Fukuoka Wald Art Gallery Architecture Graphics
025 Simulated Experience Landing Page 2015 Fukuoka Wald Art Gallery UX Website
024 Nomadic Living Prototypes 2015 Fukuoka Wald Art Gallery Architecture Residential
023 Simulated Experience 2015 Fukuoka Wald Art Gallery Architecture Exhibition
022 Project Box 2015 Madrid Roca Madrid Gallery Competition Architecture Book
021 Return to Zion: Sukkot 2015 Madrid ETSA-Madrid Architecture Research
020 Social Diversity Housing 2014 Madrid Solvia Bienvenido a Casa Competition Architecture Residential
019 The Form of Jerusalem: Forbidden Cartography 2014 Madrid ETSA-Madrid Architecture Research
018 Lama Lo Landing Page 2014 Berlin ReTramp Gallery UX Website
017 Lama Lo 2014 Berlin ReTramp Gallery Photography Exhibition
016 Game Portfolio 2014 Madrid Private UX Website
015 Shuk Ha-Aliyah Refurbishment Images 2013 Tel Aviv Gutman+Assif Architects Architecture Graphics
014 Documentation of the living conditions in five housing estates in Kiryat Yovel 2013 Jerusalem Maree Makom Platform Architecture Research
013 Graduate Exhibition 2013 Jerusalem Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Architecture Exhibition
012 Exchange Students Show 2013 Jerusalem Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Architecture Exhibition
011 Modern Languages Room 2012 Berlin Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften Language Exhibition
010 Gedenkatelier Rolf Werner 2012 Berlin - Architecture Public & Arts
009 Wohnen+ 2012 Berlin - Architecture Residential
008 Nature et Ville Light Installation 2011 Lyon Lyon Fête des Lumières Architecture Exhibition
007 Lehrplan Book 2011 Berlin ZEMS der TUBerlin Graphic design Book
006 Matrículas de Honor 2010 Madrid ETSA-Madrid Architecture Exhibition
005 Beti-Jai Refurbishment 2009 Madrid Plataforma Beti-Jai Architecture Public & Arts
004 Abstrakt Fotoaustellung 2008 Schwäbisch Hall Goethe Institut Photography Exhibition
003 Earth Construction Workshop 2008 Amayuelas Universidad Rural Pablo Freire Architecture Construction
002 Tree House 2008 La Garrotxa - Architecture Residential
001 Alumni Homepage 2007 Madrid Daetsam UX UI/UX